Dandelion World Stages 1-7

Dandelion World Stages 1-7

Phonic Books SKU: USDW1

Dandelion World Stages 1-7

Phonic Books SKU: USDW1
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Phonic Books Dandelion World is the parallel series to Dandelion Launchers, and covers a range of engaging nonfiction topics. Each book includes a nonfiction knowledge builder feature for children and adults to read together. This is a fun way to enhance vocabulary and deepen comprehension of the book’s content.

 Dandelion World Stages 1–7 comprises 14 books. Each stage introduces a few sounds at a time, allowing independent reading from the outset. There are two books at each stage to reinforce learning:

Stage 1: s, a, t, i, m
Book 1a: Sit, Tim
Book 1b: At a Mat 
Stage 2: n, o, p
Book 2a: At the Top? 
Book 2b: A Sap Tap 
Stage 3: b, c, g, h
Book 3a: The Cat Can Tag 
Book 3b: A Big Hat
Stage 4: d, e, f, v
Book 4a: Get Fed
Book 4b: A Vet in a Van 
Stage 5: k, l, r, u
Book 5a: Up on the Log 
Book 5b: A Fun Kid 
Stage 6: j, w, z
Book 6a: Bug in a Jam 
Book 6b: Zig, Zag, Tag 
Stage 7: x, y, ff, ll, ss, zz
Book 7a: The Jazz Gig 
Book 7b: In the Dell

Follows the same scope and sequence as Dandelion Launchers Stages 1–7.
ISBN: 9780744095609