Resources for Educators:
Enhancing Literacy in the Classroom

Welcome to our dedicated space for educators. At West Coast Literacy, we understand the pivotal role teachers play in shaping literacy skills. This page is designed to provide you with resources, insights, and strategies to enhance literacy education in your classroom, all rooted in the Science of Language and Reading (SOLAR).

The Role of Educators in Literacy

What is SOLAR?

The Why and How of Learning to Read

The science of reading represents a vast body of research collated over the past 50 years that relates to how reading and writing develop, why some students have difficulty, and how we can most effectively assess and teach all students to read.

The term SOLAR (Science of Language & Reading) was first coined by Professor Pamela Snow in her influential 2020 paper. SOLAR is intended to highlight the important role language plays in learning to read while emphasizing that the science of reading (SoR) is more than "just phonics”.

Implementing Structured Literacy in the Classroom

Practical Strategies for Teaching Reading

Research tells us that reading should be taught using a Structured Literacy approach involving explicit, systematic, sequential, and cumulative instruction for both decoding and language comprehension skills.

At West Coast Literacy, we offer high-quality resources and training to assist you in implementing a Structured Literacy approach in your classroom. This includes ideas for assessment and instruction in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary and language in ways that are both effective and engaging for students. 

Our Curated Resources

Selecting the Best Tools for Your Classroom

We've carefully selected a range of high-quality products that align with SOLAR. From decodable books to vocabulary programs, our resources are designed to facilitate the teaching of oral language, reading and writing in an evidence-based manner. Browse our selection to find tools that will enhance your teaching and resonate with your students' learning needs.

A Great Place to Start

The Phonic Books Dandelion Launchers Classroom Kit is an ideal starting point for educators looking to introduce systematic, sequential phonics into their literacy curriculum. Designed specifically for early readers, this comprehensive kit provides incremental stories that gradually build students' reading confidence and skills. Its systematic approach ensures consistency in teaching, making it easier for educators to guide students through the crucial early stages of reading development. Additionally, the kit's activity books will support and enhance your phonics lessons, making it a versatile and effective tool in any classroom setting.

Dandelion Launchers Classroom Kit
Dandelion Launchers Classroom Kit
Dandelion Launchers Classroom Kit
Dandelion Launchers Classroom Kit
Dandelion Launchers Classroom Kit

Dandelion Launchers Classroom Kit

Dandelion Launchers Classroom Kit

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For those who would like additional guidance, we offer free consultations with our literacy team.

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