Purchase Orders

At West Coast Literacy, we offer a range of purchasing options to suit the unique needs and budgets of Canadian schools, districts, and organizations. 

Purchase Orders

Both large and small volume purchase orders are welcome, and can be sent to info@westcoastliteracy.ca


We provide customized quotes upon request, which can be obtained by following the provided link or emailing us at info@westcoastliteracy.ca

Purchasing Support

Our specialist literacy team is available to offer support in selecting the best resources for your specific needs. With their expertise, we can customize and build resource bundles that align with your requirements. We have extensive experience working with district management, government organizations, school administrators, and teachers, and can accommodate orders of any size. 

For those who would like additional guidance, we offer free consultations with our literacy team.

To learn more about our consultancy and service offerings, we invite you to visit our Learning Hub. 

Tax Exempt

If you are a tax exempt organization, please email us at info@westcoastliteracy.ca to initiate tax exempt settings on your account.