Dandelion World Stages 8-15

Dandelion World Stages 8-15

Phonic Books SKU: USDW2

Dandelion World Stages 8-15

Phonic Books SKU: USDW2
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Phonic Books Dandelion World is the parallel series to Dandelion Launchers, and covers a range of engaging nonfiction topics. Each book includes a nonfiction knowledge builder feature for children and adults to read together. This is a fun way to enhance vocabulary and deepen comprehension of the book’s content.

 Dandelion World Stages 8–15 comprises 16 nonfiction books.  Each stage practices new letters/sounds while supporting previously taught letters/sounds and high-frequency, or sight words. There are two books at each stage to reinforce learning:

Stage 8: CVCC
Book 8a: Kids at Camp 
Book 8b: At Dusk 
Stage 9: CCVC
Book 9a: Up the Cliff
Book 9b: Clam, Grab, Gull 
Stage 10: CCVCC
Book 10a: Frost Melts 
Book 10b: Frank and the Skunk 
Stage 11: ch
Book 11a: Crunch, Munch! 
Book 11b: Chimp Chums
Stage 12: sh
Book 12a: Trash in the Trench 
Book 12b: Sled Dogs Dash
Stage 13: th
Book 13a: Sloths 
Book 13b: The Thrill of a Run 
Stage 14: ck wh
Book 14a: Shells and Rocks
Book 14b: Flick the Puck 
Stage 15: ng qu
Book 15a: Spring Has Sprung
Book 15b: Long Bat Wings

Follows the same scope and sequence as Dandelion Launchers Stages 8–15.
ISBN: 9780744095920